Potty Training


Hi, I've read the book, Terrific Twos, and just started the potty training. (25 months old). First attempt at having her sit on the potty upon waking. She refused, ran away. Should I force her to sit there? Shortly after refusing, she was standing by the couch and peed. No apparent reaction of surprise or dismay that I was able to see. Am I to have her clean it up? (I can't remember if I read that in the book or on online) Then she 'tooted' and said poop, I told her that poop goes in the potty and tried to take her to the chair but, she screamed and kicked. How should I handle these initial reactions? Should I use the tantrum/thinking space for these and in conjunction with potty training? (and btw should the space be used instantly for even small short outbursts, such as when she is demanding attention or wants something, or refuses to comply?) thank you very much for your help!!!

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