Resistant to potty training


I need help...or maybe just encouragement. I’m in week 4 of potty training my 25 month old daughter. After trying N75 for 2 weeks I “upped the ante” by implementing the gate and bell. After 2 weeks this hasn’t seemed to work either. She has had maybe 2 successes in 4 weeks. She is still standing to poop. At first she would go in the bathroom, which is gated ,and would sit for a bit but wouldn’t pee until she stood. Recently when she hears the bell she runs away and cries. So when I place her in the bathroom she is full out having a fit! She will eventually sit but just for a second. She will stand at the gate and pee every time! I’m not sure what else I can do or what I could be doing wrong. I’ve had her cleaning her accidents but now she’s refusing to help with that too. When she won’t do it on her own I tell her I can help and I do a sort of hand over hand wiping action. She hates it! She throws the towels and pulls her hand away. Doesn’t want any part of potty or cleaning messes. Any suggestions?
I just recently took her to the store to pick out her own big girl panties to see if this would help but should I hold off on the “don’t pee on Minnie Mouse” trick?

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