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We are nearing the end of the 2nd month of potty training. Our about-to-turn-two year old is only going when we take her, and has had only a few successes, where she sits on her potty and does her wee wee. Usually, even after many minutes on the potty, she'll stand up and unleash on the floor instead. Also, she's still not telling us when she has to go with the one exception of when we are eating dinner and she wants out of her play corral. And usually it's a ruse to get out, not always to wee wee. What should we do? Also, she frequently has accidents in the afternoon after nap, and we are not sure if we should give her a kind of thick underwear or nothing, because the floor is slippery and she seems to always slip and end up falling in her own pee. Please help!

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