Potty Training


We are doing the naked and $75 method, and I have a couple questions. Our daughter is 19 months old and we've been at it for about a week. We've showed her where her pottys are (one in the kitchen and one in the living room) and tell her we expect her to potty in them. Then, we just act as normal.
She holds it for up to 2 hours and then starts getting really fussy and grabbing her privates. The first few days, I would tell her to go to her potty or pick her up and put her on it, she would sit there for a minute or two, stand up and then pee on the floor. Then I thought maybe it was too micro-managey and the last 3 days I've been just telling her simply "if you need to pee-pee, use the potty."
She still hasn't gone in the potty once. I'm not stressed or hovering. She usually just pees on the floor. Sometimes I catch it or sometimes I find it later.
She's learned to squat so the pee doesn't get on her legs (still her feet though). When I notice a puddle, her peeing, or wet feet I tell her simply "you pee-peed, next time use the potty. If she is wet, I'll tell her to sit on the potty while I wipe her legs.
The last few times, she has gotten a stuffed animal, toy or a shoe - put it between her legs and peed into it. I'm just washing them, so it isn't a big deal, but should I put those things away?
I'm not sure if there's anything else I can do. She just seems resistant to pee in the potty.

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