I have been following the 6 strike chart (and earlier bed time, trying to allow less screen time too as recommended by Parent Coach Gretchen Stover) for 8 days now.
the 3 unwanted behaviours for correction were
• No disrespecting baby sister
• not listening
• complaining

I saw a immediate and drastic change in his behaviour after 3 days and he is not getting more than 2 strikes a day but I am noticing new misbehaviours (or ones I didn’t notice before/or reoccurring). Should I move on to these behaviours or continue the focusing on the behaviours listed above until the 14 days are up? If I continue with those behaviours, what should I do about the other behaviours?
The biggest misbehaviours have started around bed time, nagging he can’t sleep, he is hungry, keeps going to the toilet, waking me in the night and throwing tantrums in bed which could potentially wake his 9 month old sister (I do not have an extra room for them to be separate and I need my bedroom to myself). I’m sure John recommends a 3 card system where the child can only leave the room 3 times (or this might be Dr Kevin Leman, I’m not sure, I tend to go between the two!). I was wondering should I start something like this with strikes at bed time?

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