Help Son Develop Self-Directed Play


We have a 35-month-old son who is very loving, yet VERY strong-willed. I have read your book, and we have tried to implement the strategies recommended, but we find he is so defiant we would be leaving him in his room all day! His favorite word is 'no,' he often yells when we are on the phone or trying to listen to something, he interrupts when talking to adults, and he constantly wants adults to play with him. He is the only child in the home and we try hard to provide boundaries, but where are we going wrong?

He is a stay at home child (dad's home), and we recently started two days of part-time daycare to get him adjusted to being away from us. He is VERY social and acts his best when out of the house. He loves to play with others and has good boundaries. It's only in the home he struggles thus far. He seems bored and needy. Last note, I am a full-time working mom who works a varying schedule of shift work. He is struggling with that and becomes very clingy. Could that play a factor?

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