Potty Training


I have a 17.5 month old who is small (12%). I was so excited to start N75 two days ago. It was disastrous. It's winter. Our house is 70 degrees and she had goosebumps for quite a bit. I bumped it up to 72 degrees. I ended up putting her in stretch pants because she couldn't get warm... which she wet and didn't like (so sorta worked). I'll pump the temperature even more.

But my 3 main concerns:
1. She needs help sitting on the little potty because she is so small. I have to help her scootch back so the urine goes in the toilet, not on the seat and out. Are there known shortest potty seats? I couldn't find online. (I have 2 - both too tall.) I've potty trained three others before... this isn't new but training continually gets harder. Last one was 3.5! Yikes!

2. She is in the crib. How to handle cribs and potty training wasn't mentioned in the book (that I saw - just finished). Should the child be out of the crib when potty training starts? If not, how do we coordinate that? Towels in the crib with the toddler in case of a mess??

3. Modesty. No joke, my daughter wants coverage. Or at least, she's used to being covered, the rest of us are covered. (I have too many windows to be in the buff all day).
She seems uncomfortable... she keeps trying to feel clothes down there that aren't, pulling her shirt down, getting her own clothes (so I closed her closet) then and is running around to siblings' rooms and putting on their underwear. Advice?


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