Mealtime Battle


Our 2.5 year old daughter has been giving us a hard time at dinnertime lately. She will either take a couple bites then want to get up and play with something and then doesn't want to go back to eating, or sometimes she will just sit there and play with her food instead of eating it. I got into a bad habit of giving her snacks later if she didn't eat much at dinner. Perhaps she began to expect this? But lately I've told her that the food we've given to her at dinner is the food we've chosen for her, and if she doesn't eat it at dinnertime, then she can't ask for snacks later- she has to eat that same food from her plate. (after it's been warmed up.) She ends up not eating the dinner later at all though, so I'm not sure it's really working. Any advice? I need some help with these mealtime battles!

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