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I just want to make sure that I’m on the right track with my 13 month old. I read the book “making the terrible twos terrific” and thought it made a lot of sense. However, I can’t determine what to do in several situations.
1. He still is on the bottle and does not like to hold his own bottle. My pediatrician said 15 months was ok to drop the bottle. However, he drinks way too much milk and not enough food. He was sick recently and now his molars are all coming in so I haven’t pushed the issue. When I try to get him to try a new food, he often just throws it. Recently he has been spitting out even his favorite foods, I believe because his molars hurt. Should I restrict his milk consumption?
2. Recently since his sickness and teething, he is very clingy. He does not want to be put down at all. I know independent play is very important and he plays perfectly well in his crib by himself for up to 45 minutes. He falls asleep independently. Should I just let him be unhappy on the floor if I need to do the dishes and can’t hold him?
3. Recently he has begun shrieking and pointing at specific objects and gets mad if he can’t have them. Should I give him the object sometimes? Never? All the time? I do not know whether this behavior is caused by his crankiness due to teething or whether it is just the age!

Thank you!

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