19 mo potty training


My 19 month old is using the Naked and 75 method and in my mind making great progress. We are 3 weeks into training. For the first week she was having accidents around the house and was not interested in sitting on her potty. Then she started to hold her pee pee until she had a diaper at nap or bedtime in the second week.... So i switched to using the gate. Now she rarely has accidents around the house or outside and will tell me when she needs to go "pee pee" and i have been putting her in the bathroom behind the gate. I walk away and she almost immediately goes pee pee but still is not sitting on her potty - she goes on the ground in the bathroom. I keep calmly telling her to sit on her little potty and that pee pee goes in the potty but so far that has not made a difference. My question is will she outgrow this phase eventually and should i just stay the course or do I do anything different? I do not mind just staying the course - I feel like things are not stressful for her or me right now.

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