My 12 year old daughter has recently shared with me that she has disturbing thoughts about killing us when she gets mad. She also says these thoughts are intrusive at other times. She has always been very passionate in her emotions. She also says she has thoughts of throwing herself off a cliff or out a window. She has never been violent or even aggressively angry. She is more on the passive side and an introvert. I have been talking with her and doing safety checks everyday now. Also, exploring her deep feelings and helping her brainstorm about ways to release her intense emotions. I've been working with her and validating her feelings and strongly guiding on not acting them out other than in a safe way (hitting her pillows, screaming in the car, riding her bike). She is on anti anxiety medication but doesn't take it regularly. I have been monitoring recently so that she does. She also has been in therapy but I thought it was only modestly helpful. Any thoughts? Should I be very worried and take more action?

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