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Stepparents Should Have Authority over Teens, Too

Posted 6 days ago

Q: In a recent column, you advise that stepparents have complete disciplinary authority over all children who live in or visit the home, but do you feel the same policy should apply when the...

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Selecting the Right Private School

Posted 2 weeks ago

Q: We are looking for a private school for our 4-year-old. Regardless of the school we ultimately choose, we want to keep him there through eighth grade at least. We live in an suburban area so...

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Smart Car for Teens May Not Be the Smart Choice

Posted 3 weeks ago

Greg Fulton thinks his teenage daughter, who’s already hit three solid objects with her car—thankfully, no humans or other moving vehicles included—would do better with a car that comes equipped...

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Stepfathers Must Have Complete Disciplinary Discretion

Posted 4 weeks ago

Q: The woman I’ve been dating—a single mom with two young boys—and I have decided to get married. My only reservation, and I’ve told her this, concerns the stepfather thing. I’m not clear and...

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Medicine Doesn't Cure Misbehavior

Posted on 7/26/2016

Q: Our son is a rising second-grader at a private school. Last year, his behavior was often disruptive and sometimes even downright defiant—problems his first grade teacher did not have with him....

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Question of the Week...

When Values Differ Among Families

Posted 1 week ago

My 10 year old daughter was best friends with a girl from her old school since kindergarten. We had to move away and homeschool our kids for about 2 years. Then we moved back to the previous city...

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Sixth Grader Struggling in Math

Posted 1 week ago

Hello! My 11 year old 6th grade boy has always been an excellent math student, however since starting 6th grade (about 3 weeks in now), he is "forgetting" basic concepts and making simple...

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11-year-old Homeschooler Test Anxiety

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hello! I have an 11 year old son who is homeschooled. Everything is going fairly well with his schooling except for his tests. Whenever it is time for a test, he will start to cry and...

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Monitoring Cell Phone Texts with Apps

Posted on 6/4/2016

Along with the majority, if not all of his friends, our middle school aged son has a cellular phone. It seems that most parents monitor their child's text message activity. Applications are...

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Motivating Homeschooled Children

Posted on 5/10/2016

I homeschool my three children. Their ages are 8, 6, and 5. The older two have a very poor attitude about doing school, especially math, and the younger one is starting to pick up that attitude...

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