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Postmodern Psychological Parenting Is Causing More Harm Than Good

Posted yesterday

In the late 1960s, America came to a fork in the parenting road and took the road never traveled. My generation did what no generation in any culture at any time in history had ever done: we broke...

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Use Godfather Principle to Nip Fear of Doctor in the Bud

Posted 1 week ago

Q: Over the past year or so, our 5-year-old has developed an extreme fear of going to the doctor or dentist. This came on suddenly, without a precipitating incident. The crying begins when we...

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Parent Help With Homework Is a Generally Bad Thing

Posted 2 weeks ago

Amanda Johnson, a second-grade teacher in Laramie, Wyoming, has caused quite a stir both among her colleagues and constituents and—because her educational incorrectness was covered by national...

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Kudos to Catholic School's 'Problem Solving' Sign to Parents

Posted 3 weeks ago

Just when I am teetering on the edge of despair concerning the state of child rearing in America, dwelling much, much too obsessively on the damage being done to children and the nation by parents...

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Take the Drama out of Math Homework

Posted 4 weeks ago

Q: Our sixth-grade son has always been an excellent math student. This year, however, he melts down every time he does math homework. Within minutes, he becomes highly agitated, begins crying,...

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Question of the Week...

3 ½ year old Bedtime Battles

Posted 1 week ago

Our 3.5 year old is suddenly refusing to go to bed. She threw a few violent temper tantrums last weekend, and since then we have been able to avoid the crying, but have not been able to get her...

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Recent Questions & Answers

Nearly 5 Year Old Toilet Accidents

Posted 4 weeks ago

My son will be 5 years old in December. He is still peeing, and sometimes pooping in his underwear, almost every day! I tried having him wash his own underwear when this happens and have sent him...

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Kids Won't Stop Fighting!

Posted on 8/29/2016

My children will not stop fighting. These fights are typical sibling things, but it is making me crazy and I need some tips on how to work this out. Also, my girls fight over me and this is very...

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Sixth Grader Struggling in Math

Posted on 8/23/2016

Hello! My 11 year old 6th grade boy has always been an excellent math student, however since starting 6th grade (about 3 weeks in now), he is "forgetting" basic concepts and making simple...

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When Values Differ Among Families

Posted on 8/21/2016

My 10 year old daughter was best friends with a girl from her old school since kindergarten. We had to move away and homeschool our kids for about 2 years. Then we moved back to the previous city...

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