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Make Chores a Priority

Posted yesterday

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond A major US newspaper recently ran a piece detailing all the ways children benefit from doing chores. Well, not all the ways. They failed to mention...

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Perhaps There is Still Hope!

Posted 1 week ago

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond A list of some of the more memorable elements of pre-1960s parenting is in constant circulation on the Internet and is especially popular with...

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Use Proper Authority with Teens

Posted 2 weeks ago

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond Q: Our son is going to be 13 next year and we’re trying to be proactive about the coming storm. He’s been a good kid and relatively easy to raise to...

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Using Consequences

Posted 3 weeks ago

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond Q: Why is it that no consequence seems to work for long, if at all, with my very strong-willed 7-year-old daughter? I have tried everything I’ve ever...

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Fear Trumps Facts

Posted 4 weeks ago

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond One of the signs of these confused and confusing times we live in is that facts don’t matter. What matters are feelings and opinions, which are...

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Question of the Week...

Tantrums when away from home

Posted 6 days ago

My daughter, 33 months old, had the meltdown of her life today. She is a very strong willed, highly intense child. I need some tools in my tool belt for how to manage/discipline her when we...

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Recent Questions & Answers

9 Year Old Being Called Names

Posted 5 days ago

Hi, our 9 year old daughter was called stupid at school the other day and she didn't handle it well [pretty tricky at that age].. What is the best way for us to coach her to handle this type of...

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8 yo Dawdler

Posted 6 days ago

How to properly help a homeschooled perfectionist? We homeschool our three daughters and our eight year old daughter is dealing with excessive perfectionism that is disrupting our whole family....

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Doting grandparents!

Posted 1 week ago

My 5 & 3 year old girls are generally very well behaved. After vacations or visits with the grandparents, however, they seem to revert back to all their bad habits. It takes me about 2-3 weeks to...

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