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"A father's contribution to his children is primarily a measure of how much he adores their mother. "

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Unconditional Love and Leadership Can Change a Bad Child

Posted 6 days ago

True story: I sent one of my more recent books to a radio talk-show host who, in turn, gave it to one of her “readers,” asking him to extract appropriate questions. Said reader, a...

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Don't Micromanage Homeschooled Children

Posted 1 week ago

Q: I homeschool my three children, ages are 8, 6, and 5. The older two have a very poor attitude about doing school, especially math, and the younger one is starting to pick up on it. Their poor...

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Rescue Yourself and Your Child With Bedtime Routine

Posted 2 weeks ago

Q: My daughter, who just turned three, has a surge of energy after dinner and can take hours to fall asleep. I try putting her down around 8 o’clock, but there are nights when she doesn’t fall...

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Set Clear Parameters for Son Who Smokes Pot

Posted 3 weeks ago

Q: I caught my 16-year-old smoking pot. I took everything from him and told him that the next time I catch him, he’s out! What else can I or should I do? A: Where is he “out” to? You...

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Lots of Kids Are Perfectionists

Posted on 4/26/2016

Q: Whenever my 4-year-old son tries something new, he becomes very frustrated if he has any difficulty at all. This happens when practicing numbers, letters, or anything else I try to teach him....

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Question of the Week...

Six Month Old Refusing Baby Food

Posted on 9/5/2014

My 6 month old is having a very hard time adjusting to eating baby food. He cries and screams and flings his body away trying to avoid the spoon. I tried singing to him and making it more fun and...

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Recent Questions & Answers

Motivating Homeschooled Children

Posted 2 weeks ago

I homeschool my three children. Their ages are 8, 6, and 5. The older two have a very poor attitude about doing school, especially math, and the younger one is starting to pick up that attitude...

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Feelings Hurt Among Three Friends

Posted on 4/19/2016

We're having a little "drama" between three 11 year old (5th grade) boys. All three boys are the youngest of four siblings in their families. Two of the boys are cousins, one is a mutual friend...

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4-Year-Old Gets Frustrated Easily

Posted on 4/16/2016

My son is 4 yrs. He is an only child. When trying something new, he gets very frustrated very fast if he can't do it right within a couple tries. This happens when practicing numbers, letter or...

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Monitoring 17-Year-Old's Cell Phone Texts

Posted on 4/16/2016

My son will be 17 in July. Do you think it is inappropriate for me to read his text messages without his knowledge? He has been experimenting sexually with girls, touching and heavy kissing...

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