Insights into Parenting with John Rosemond | The Mind For Life Podcast

In this interview, John walks through his philosophy of parenting and childrearing.

Topics that John talks about:

• HIs background and journey to becoming and expert in the field of child psychology
• John talks about where child psychology research started to move contrary to his philosophy
• How we address “feelings” in children today as opposed to times in the past and the consequences of an over-emphasis on a child’s emotional state
• The difference between empirical medical science and social science research
• Contrasting the Biblical view of the self with the self-esteem movement view
• Friendship vs. leadership in parenting – what is a parent’s role with their child(ren)?
• Top tips for parents on parenting their children for their child’s health and wellness

From the Mind For Life Podcast with Dr. Jeff Bogaczyk, Copyright 2023

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