The 7 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make (and How to Stop Making Them!)

Most childrearing problems are the result of parents making seven common mistakes that are easily remedied without counseling, therapy, diagnoses, or drugs. In this video series, I’m passing along everything parents need to know about these seven mistakes and their simple solutions. Watch one, implement the plan, see the results almost immediately, and then watch the next one.

By following my common-sense instructions, you will have a more peaceful home in no time at all! Your children will be more obedient, respectful, and grateful citizens of your family! You will be more calm and authoritative. This video contains the same advice that I give my clients, which boils down to one parenting rule: BE THE ADULT IN THE ROOM! Not only does this advice work, it’s fun! Believe me, you won’t regret the small investment of time and money.

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