“Thank you for your insights on the changing dynamics of parenthood! I am retired from teaching high school English for 38 years, and they helped me weather the storm.”


“I highly recommend Mike Smart as a parenting coach and consultant. Mike’s lifelong passion to bring out the best in the next generation will be a blessing to your school, church, or community group.”

Dallas, TX

“Mike Smart's guidance and coaching were a light for us the last few weeks, and it gave us the confidence to finally do what we should have done a long time ago. I have noticed that when our children are expected to act accordingly and I don’t allow for them to act less than that, they are filled with an abundance of purpose, direction and self confidence in their own ability and maturity. It is beautiful to watch.”

Sadorus, IL

“What Coach David Martin taught us simply makes sense. He reminds you of what is important and why, and it is easy to see that it is coming from someone with a lifetime of experience. You leave feeling good about yourself and the tools and techniques that you have just been equipped with.”


“I'm 68, raised two girls and now raising a 7-year-old with the same parenting style John writes about in his weekly column. I also work in a school system and see what the generational changes have done to kids, and it's not good. I love your articles and take them to school to post. Good job, good man you are. Thank you for the sanity and REAL parenting.”


“Love that we can send an issue/question to the parenting advice experts & they get back to us pretty quickly!”


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