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1. Credible
John Rosemond has more than forty-five years of experience helping parents raise respectful, responsible citizens. He’s not a “here today, gone tomorrow” guy marketing a clever idea that has curb appeal but nothing of real substance under the proverbial hood. Since 1978, of syndicated columns written continuously by the same individual, John has authored the longest-running such column in America’s history. In the meantime, he has written eighteen best-selling parenting books, two of which are also best-sellers in China, believe it or not. To top it off, he is a highly popular and engaging speaker who both entertains and edifies.

2. Psychobabble-free
Although he’s a licensed psychologist, John’s advice (and that of members of his parent coaching team) is based not on unverified and faddish psychological theory but on timeless Biblical principles and established childrearing tradition.

3. Exclusive
You must be a member to access the column archive, which contains advice on every parenting issue under the sun and is constantly growing.

4. Comprehensive
With a low-cost membership - $34 per year – that will quickly pay for itself, you’ll gain immediate access to a vast library of parenting advice and tools including more than 1800 of John’s weekly advice columns. In addition, you’ll be able to access videos, webinars, and podcasts, consult with John personally, obtain advice from a team of certified parent coaches, and much, much more. Every column John has written since 1985 is catalogued on the site and available at no additional charge to members. That’s more than 1800 columns, easily searched by key word! In and of itself, that’s more parenting advice – a lot more – than you’ll find on any other website.

5. Significant Savings
You’ll obtain members-only discounts on everything in our online store! In most cases, members pay 20 to 50 percent less for any given item or service. Video series are also discounted to members only.

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