Assuming the Power of Parenthood

In the 1960s and ‘70s, American parents embraced a new, psychological vision of children and child rearing. This new paradigm, which John calls “Postmodern Psychological Parenting,” is the antithesis of the viewpoint that had guided American parents for hundreds of years. This 180 degree turn has proven enormously problematic to child, marriage, family, school, and culture. John asserts that many—nearly all, in fact—of today’s parenting struggles are the result of parents who unwittingly adopt a parenting paradigm that does not work.

After clearly illustrating the difference between the traditional and modern points of view and demonstrating the failures of the latter, John outlines an equally clear solution: Parents need but conform their behavior to each of the “Three Seasons of Child Rearing” as they naturally and logically unfold over the term of a child’s dependency.

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