22 mo Potty Training, clarification


Follow-up to earlier toilet-training question about 22-month old:

What is considered "mastering" day-time training? Similarly, when is an appropriate time to put a dress on her and try venturing out of the house? We are on day 5 and she had one accident yesterday (two on day 4), so we've been incredibly pleased! We're still using the potty bell when needed, but she usually goes to the potty by herself, without prompting. Just not sure when is a good time to introduce clothing/trips, as they can be distracting, and I don't want to mess up her good progress!

And, when we start nighttime training (after a month of being daytime trained), should we do the naked approach, or should we keep diapering and simply watch to see when she's dry (and then when she's consistently dry, start removing the diapers at naps/night)? I'm still not clear on that, even after having read the nighttime chapter three times!

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