3 yr old bedtime drama queen.


We have recently been having an issue with getting our 3 year old ready for bed.. Starts with us telling her its time to use the potty which gets the attitude/mood going because she knows it means bedtime. She will typically throw a huge tantrum throw whatever is in her hands/ near her, and run away to a corner and will not willingly go so one of us will calmly/paying no attention to her fit pick her up and sit her on it. After she uses it we go upstairs telling her to go upstairs as well, she does this intentionally slow as possible so my husband and i walk right past her and as soon as were out of eye sight she stops and just stands on the stairs for however long she feels like(purposefully disobeying, wanting for one us to tell her to come up over and over,) which we have stopped doing realizing its what she was looking for and we just started talking to each other as if were not waiting on her and she will eventually stomp her way up when she's bored. She is then uncooperative with teeth brushing (bitting the brush, not letting us taking it out of her mouth while giggling, batting at our hands) After brushing her teeth through all the nonsense anyway we read her a story and as soon as she sees its the last page she gets all bent out of shape/moody again..she falls backwards on the floor gets all limp when we go to pick her up to put her in her bed and then refuses to say anything to us(will not talk about her story,day, anything you say) she never tells us goodnight anymore and as soon as we close her door she starts a little kicking/screaming fit for a few minutes and then she's perfectly fine? She does not act this way at all for grandparents putting her to bed even at our house she will happily tell them goodnight and then give us a mean face if we dare say it after them..We have been ignoring all these little "acts" for attention but yet we find ourselves still dreading telling her its bedtime every night.. Any suggestions on how to make this time a bit more pleasant?

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