3 year old, Potty Regression


My son turned 3 this February. We began potty training in April after I read your book describing the Naked and $75 method. He caught on quickly and we experienced success for almost 2 months. The last two weeks, however, have been a different story. He has been pooping in his underwear (typically when I’ve left the room for a few minutes). I have not been following your suggested method to a T, and have been putting him in pull-ups (I know, I know) at night. He probably wakes up dry 60-75% of the time. We started out using two potty seats (one in the downstairs living room and one upstairs). I then purchased a child seat for the toilet and would help him undress and set him on the toilet. The potty bell would ring every 1.5 hours at first and then we moved to every two hours. He then began to tell me when he needed to go potty, and I’d set him on the toilet. At this point, I deemed the potty bell no longer necessary. I still do tell him it’s time to take a break to go the bathroom if it’s been 2 hours since he’s last gone. My question is, what should I be doing differently to eliminate these poop accidents, and what consequences should there be when an accident occurs? Thank you so much for your advice.

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