13 Year Old Kicked Out of Eden


Okay Sarah… I’ve cleared out her room and took her door off. (Wow! was that hard) I left her with a bed, empty desk and dresser. The clothes that were all over the floor I took those too. Today was the first day of her new reality and it went better than I thought. She almost made the mark, but with a couple of disrespectful words- I didn’t allow her to write an X on the calendar. Zero freebies!! My next sets of questions are:
1. Today I found her playing on her sister tablet (which she allowed her to) but I wasn’t sure if ALL electronics are taken away (even the family computer) or just hers. Should I not let her sister’s share with her?
2. She goes with her father every other weekend (court papers). Lately I have been letting her go on “my Sunday’s” in the afternoon until Monday morning - would that been taken away as well, since she’s on house arrest or is it different because it’s her dad?
3. Her older cousin would like to hang out with her and talk with her about what’s been going on, but again I’m not sure if I should allow it.
4. How strict do I get with the house arrest thing- she is allowed to go on family outings (walks, park, relative’s homes, family swimming nights, ect.-right?
~~Thanks again~~

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