Health Issues and Dad's inconsistency with 4 yr old


I have a son who just turned 4 last month. He has a slight speech delay and receives speech therapy. Otherwise, all other developmental areas are fine. He is very sensitive and has excellent comprehension.

My husband is 62. Over the last couple of years, he has been experiencing increasing memory loss and periods that can only be described as having delusions/hallucinations.

My question is: how do I help my son deal with this? His father says/does one thing and then the complete opposite 2 hours later, such as instructing our son not to eat in front of the t.v. then making him breakfast and bringing it to him in front of the t.v. On occasion, my husband has been upset over things that aren't there, like a mess on the floor that doesn't exist.

I intervene, but still I need advice on how to help my son with the inconsistency, not to mention the weirdness. It won't help me if you suggest my husband and I get counseling to get on the same page. That just won't happen, and my husband's situation most likely will get worse.

How do I help my son understand any of this or should I try?

(btw: I am getting excellent support/legal advice on dealing with my husband's issues and putting together a plan if his health deteriorates severely.)

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