16 yo girl can't think straight about 19 yo boy


Our 16-year-old daughter has her first almost-boyfriend. Her dad wrote her a beautiful letter about our expectations as she started this new chapter in her life that she shared with the boy. He said he agreed with the letter and that he respected her. She and the boy have been talking for several months and they have now gone out on a couple of dates. We approved her choice, despite his age, 19, as it is a young man who has grown up in our church and whose family we know well. Unfortunately, we have discovered obscene language and a lot of sexual innuendo in texts and pictures he sends. Our first step was to have our youth pastor talk to him which he did, but it has continued. A long talk with her produced nothing but tears and denial of his behavior. She does not respond in kind to him, and even rebuffs particular suggestions, but is too unconfident to tell him this needs to stop. She assures us where she stands morally but does not get how this kind of consistent pressure can chip away at her intentions. What is our next step?

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