Obeying Requests


My son will be 4 in September. For the most part he is a very well behaved, happy kid. I would say my main issue with him at this time is listening and/or obeying. Frequently, when I ask him to do something, he says "no", ignores me or runs away. I am going to start the ticket system on him within the next week or two but before I do, I have a few questions. I am going to make my one and only target problem "not doing what we tell you to do" and start him out with 5 tickets. Is there a level of severity with this? Meaning, do I treat asking him to pick his water cup up off the floor and him ignoring me the same as asking him to stop hitting his sister and him ignoring me? Do I take a ticket away regardless? No matter what I ask him to do? I just really want to avoid micromanaging him over tiny things that don't really matter. Also, is there a time limit? Like if I ask him to clean up his books should I expect him to get up immediately and pick them up? Or should I give him a little time (a minute or two) to get a move on? Also, what happens if he loses his last ticket at the very end of the day? Does he spend the next day in his room?

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