26 month old tantrums


How do you create a time out for a 26 month old while in a public place? I've read most of your books etc but I was at a loss today at the veterinarian's office.
In the last two weeks, my son has begun screaming at the top of his lungs at everything. After telling him repeatedly not to and putting him in time out in his crib (which usually is effective), he took me for a loop today ( he is usually very well behaved).
At the vets office, he started screaming. He had toys to play with and books to read...it was very fun for him. I told him no repeatedly as it escalated. I told him I would take him outside if he did it again. We ended up outside 4 times. I put my hand over his mouth to keep him quiet which worked for a little while. He even screamed bloody murder as the Dr tried to talk to me. In the end, I reminded him that the night before, he went to bed without being read to and I told him we wouldn't play with his best friend after the vet if he kept screaming. Needless to say, he didn't play with his best friend after the vet.
I'm assuming that a) he gets a reaction from me so he continues. B) he's too young to try and relate cause and effect due to his attention span and c) I did what I was supposed to which was give a consequence and follow through by going outside and not letting him play with his friend.
Any other suggestions or input?? Thank you, Karaq

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