23 mo delayed BM syndrome or something


I've scanned through the archives trying to find a Q/A that already addresses my question (to save you time!) but can't seem to find one close enough to our situation.
My daughter is 23 months old. We started your Toilet Training program at 21 months old. Within 10 days, she was pee-trained. However, she has only had 3-4 successful BMs on the toilet. She goes in her underwear, when she's in her bed (whether early in the morning before she alerts us she's awake) or at some point during her nap. It's difficult to anticipate this, as they aren't at the same frequencies (some times its in morning, sometimes in the afternoon). At this point, I simply remind her she needs to go on the toilet, and I haven't done anything aggressive as I haven't wanted to create a power struggle.

I've read the books and know about the bell/gate and sleeping naked. But because I never know 'when' she needs to go, it's difficult to imagine putting her behind the gate for how long..?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

PS She is daytime & nighttime pee trained and wears underwear exclusively (we don't use pull ups or diapers at all)

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