2 year old anxious at the park


I have a 2 and a half year old son who I would characterize as generally having a laid back, easy going personality. He has always been kind of sensitive and tender-hearted also. In recent months when we've gone to the park to play (we do this often), he has become seemingly much more anxious. If another child tries to play with him and starts following him around, he freaks out. If he comes off the playground and can't see me, he freaks out too. When there are a lot of kids on the playground, he will kind of freeze and won't go up to play. Is this normal? I stay as hands off in these situations as possible knowing I can absolutely make it worse if I play into these fears. I also try and encourage him but don't force it. Is this just him as a 2 year old? Do I need to take some sort of action and if so, what?

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