21 mo poop stubborn


This is in response to the answer from John regarding the question below. After about 1 week of doing everything that John recommends in his book I started to gate. (He was not responding to the potty bell, wouldn't sit independently on the potty, most everything was going on the floor) I have not been gating since the start. We are on day 5 of gating. We set the potty bell, gate him, but so far he has only accidentally sprayed into the potty. The couple of times that this has happened we let him put what little was in his potty into the big potty and praised him a little, then set the bell for another hour. At this point he is spending most of his day gated, sometimes crying, sometimes calm. What else can we do to move this process forward.

I have a 21 month old boy who is gated for potty training. He continues to pee and poop on the floor, but has put nothing in the potty. He refuses to clean anything up even with my help. How long do I keep him gated all the while crying constantly. Until dinner? Do I take him out to eat dinner and then gate him again in the morning when the potty bell goes off. When the child keeps peeing and pooping while gated, is the idea to keep them gated constantly until they can show you something in the potty? How does this work practically when I need to leave the house, take my daughter to school etc. We are on day 10 and I have been staying home to do this. I am on day 2 of gating and he won't stop crying! Please help. I need specific ideas to try.


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