3 yo toilet training regression


If possible, i would love John's opinion on this question. We have a 3 year old daughter who was potty trained for several months now.. She had great success with it, telling us when she had to go and getting all bowel movements in the potty.. Recently though, she refuses to "tell us" and number 2 has become a struggle(mostly in pants) during the day. We fear a power struggle issue has arisen and potty "regression" has been the progress. Also, any time that she is alone lately example: in her room after losing all her tickets for discipline (not potty related) or in the morning when she wakes up before we have had time to get her from her crib..she has been freely peeing/pooping herself without alerting us. That being the case, we decided to start using the potty bell. We take her on the hour to encourage/catch more movements to end up in the potty again. Progress has been made, however "telling us when" and number 2 remains a day in/day out issue. We have read your toilet training book as well as the others and are wondering what strategy/method would you recommend to help in this situation.. and what can be done to address any bowel movements out of the potty when she's already in her room being addressed for discipline(not listening).. also, with using the potty bell is there a time when we should expect her to begin "telling us" again and not just relying on the bell to go? thanks

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