Potty Training Issue is a Leadership Issue


How do we get our 3 year old to tell us when she has to go potty? She knows right away when she has to go and is choosing to not tell us even with us in the room with her. We are thinking she's doing this because we had told her to tell mom/dad when she needs to use the potty. Has this developed a power struggle maybe? We have now been using the potty bell on the hour and it has lessened her accidents during the day when she's with us.. But she is still not telling us when she is playing in her room or when she's awake at night/morning,or during the time she is in there for discipline and therefore peeing/pooping on herself constantly. And if she did tell us it was after she had pooped herself already she would tell us in this giggly mood like it was the funniest thing and she was so proud of it..we have put her in her room (which consists of a crib and a dresser) for it because we just don't know how else to deal/address it and she's not even phased by that. how do we handle this? We have read the toilet training book and haven't come across anyway to deal with this in particular..

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