Cut the Sweets!


Hi there,
My daughter is 9, I have noticed in the last year that she is becoming "thicker". Growing out of ALL of her size 10 shorts and pants, I can see that she eats quite a bit ( especially sweets) my husband feels that not giving them free reign over eating snacks after school will only cause eating issues down the road...
As a young girl, my anorexia/bulimia started around age 12. I fear for her because I need to know how to speak to her with kind, loving words about how to control herself with food. I literally have no clue, it bothers me so much that I 're-act' instead of thinking when she comes home from being out with my mother and has a bag full of gummie bears, lollipops & leftover residue of chocolate ice cream around her mouth.
Please direct me to any resource that can help.
I greatly appreciate it!

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