3 year old defiance


My 3 year old daughter has daily (for the past few months) gotten into this over-silly/hyperactive mood with defiance as her main intention.. I can only best describe it as she seems to be taken over by another person who's only attribute is being a rambunctious troublemaker..for example: common things dressing her,brushing her teeth,going for a car ride,walk..etc all these things are easy (normally) now when this mood strikes her everything becomes impossible, biting the toothbrush refusing to let it go,fighting your every attempt to get a seat belt on her, smiling when you correct her, shouting no to your every word..waiting for that second you turn around to do the thing you just said not to..Just to name a few.. We have tried extra sleep thinking she was tired but thats not the case, we've tried discipline, tickets, room for the rest of the day,etc.. it doesn't seem to be working and the most aggravating part is when she's in this mood NOTHING bothers her.. going to her room stripped of toys=fun, cleaning up her poop accident=fun, getting a ticket pulled/timeout=fun... We can't seem to get our correction through to her, and this mood only seems to be getting more and more a part of her everyday attitude..

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