9 year old disobedience at home


My son is 9 y/o and is generally a very good boy, especially when he is with other kids' parents. They are always indicating what a great kid he is, how he minds and respects, etc. However, when he is at home with friends there, he is mean to his younger brother, misbehaves badly in front of his friends (I think to look cool). Recently, the boys went to the park and they all disturbed a duck's nest and broke at least three of her eggs. The friends were told to go home and my two sons went straight to bed without dinner. I'm pretty sure none of the other boys were even disciplined for this. I talked to him and told him about how other parents rave about his behavior and why did he believe I deserve less than that when friends are with us. He simply (and always) says he doesn't know. I told him that in the future, when he wants friends over, I will hire someone to watch them and he will have to pay for it. How can a child be SO good and SO terrible doing the same activities??? What can I do to resolve this???

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