13 year old Continues Bad Behavior


Thanks John- I am in the process of finding a good Christian counselor, but in the meantime I have a some questions.

Ok the IPod is broken and the only thing left is her tablet. I have since taken it away for disrespectful behavior and it’s been a little over a week. (Initially, I did tell her she wasn’t going to have it for a week, but when the week was over – I didn’t feel like her behavior really changed any, if at all (SHOCKER! I know) So, I told her “that she was more than welcome to have it back, as soon as I see her attitude improve and feel in my heart of hearts – it’s here to stay.” She called me a liar and stormed off into her room. So I restarted the time again. Ok-these might be dumb questions but here it goes:

1) Do I tell her the minimum time (30 days) it will be taken away?

2) I was thinking of doing a marble jar to keep track and when I get all my “marbles” back (all 30 of them) she can get her electronic device back.
What do you think and I only count the days she is with me and not with dad or grandma-right?

3) If and when I do reset the time back – do I tell her (when everything is calm again) or do I walk away, shrug my shoulders and not say anything and let her figure it out?

4) I am still reluctant to take her door off -guess I’m still hopeful, that by taking away electronics will do the job.

5) How many freebies does she get in a day?

I’m very grateful for all your advice-Thank You!

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