Three year old refuses to poop in the potty


My 3 year old child has for weeks successfully pee'd without an accident during her day training. however we cannot get a single bowel movement in the potty(all in the pants). We have taken the approach of making her clean her undies and then sending her to her room until she can have a successful (pee or poop) before returning her downstairs to her normal activities. This has caused a rebellion or power struggle in which she now has reverted back and when in her room will pee or poop herself every time without telling us.. what other approach or steps can we take to get this resolved? also, when we started potty training she used to immediately and constantly tell us when she had the urge to pee, now she holds it (hours) until the last moments. I'm assuming this is a power struggle issue, because WE have told her to let US know when she has to use the potty. can this be corrected?

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