8 yr old negative about self


Our 8 year old does negative self-talk when we take a ticket or point out a misbehaviour,etc. For example, if I point out that he was talking back (one of his target behaviours) he will get an ugly/mad face on and mutter "I'm a jerk...I'm just a jerk" or "I'm stupid! So stupid...why did I do that?!".

We have talked with him about this and we tell him that God made him and God does not make jerks so therefore he is not a jerk/stupid. He has responded with "well, I feel like a jerk when I act like that" To which we say that we feel like that too sometimes when we make poor decisions and yell, etc. but that we are not jerks or stupid. We decide to change our behaviour the next time.

We are now noticing that his 6 year old brother is picking up on this and states the same when he loses a ticket,etc.

Is this some major psychological issue or should we keep on with what we tell him/do?

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