18 yo with toxic boyfriend


Daughter is now 18yrs plus 4 days..she still has consequences for failing college classes in high school (no cell phone, & boyfriend can’t come over they can talk 10 minutes every other day) she is to focus on school then us parents would re-visit her privileges -she is VERY distant -“fake”nice..the controlling boyfriend who isn’t allowed at our house right now-is SO desperate to break us parents down we saw terrible text that when she’s 18 she can do what she wants – they do not have to respect parents anymore – telling her NOT listen to us parents-he said don’t listen to your mom she will have excuses but keep pushing her– he wanted her to get into fights with me (mom) to break me down by telling me hurtful things so I will give in–the boy text me said he was sorry if he sounded disrespectful but then manipulates us further in the text..I didn’t respond..now the boy is contacting my other daughter..Yesterday the girls lied to me then went to their bio dad’s for supper..Their dad called me later on said he had 1hr screaming match w/daughter…daughter said she can’t take living with me (mom) & step dad..we are TERRIBLE, MEAN & CONTROLLING-(bio dad has NEVER been there for the girls me(mom) & step dad have as bio dad home was VERY unstable/unsafe at times) now this boy has BOTH my daughters..They want to live with their dad’s 26yr old step daughter – he said ABSOLUTELY NOT…I don’t know how much more of this I can take..I don’t eat/sleep & causing other health issues & causing problems at work (could lose job) & my marriage & my son’s relationship in jeopardy-now BOTH my daughters hate me & the boyfriend is winning just like he said in the text he would then they can laugh at me. My heart is torn out…Please help if you have suggestions

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