3 year old constipation issue


Pediatrician visit this afternoon. After filling in the doctor on what we've been experiencing with our daughter and an examination of her abdomen, he concluded that she is, despite a bowel movement about an hour before her appointment, constipated. He had me feel the ball of backed up poop in her belly. Eeww & ouch! I reminded him that he had seen her a little over a year ago because I was concerned about her crying when she had a bowel movement and would often go several days without one; which was also the case on occasion when she was an infant. He said she's likely remembering those more recent painful experiences and anticipates that it's going to hurt to "go" and holds it until she can't anymore or is relaxed enough to not even think about the pain and then goes in her undies. He said since she's had issues in the past that he wants to take a more aggressive approach to getting her cleaned out and regular. As such he prescribed 25 mg of Colace twice a day for three days and then follow on days four and beyond for a week with 8.5mg of prescription Miralax twice a day. The goal: poop without even a hint of pain. He suggested using a timer at specific times, for example after meals, to work to get her on a schedule in addition to using an incentive system and keeping things as positive as possible. Your thoughts?

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