18 yr old wants to leave home


Daughter will be 18 in 5 days..Always done well in school til this boy came into her life. (look back on my questions PLEASE) School called she’s failing 2 college classes & other HS tests/assignments-Got detailed cell bill-she had 120 pages-texting all day in school to boy-Failed college class=parents have to pay back cost of college class..she lost her RAI scholarship due to GPA lowering..Boy texting her: If things don't go the way you want at your dad's & he has rules run- come here- No more pleasing other people. We don't have to please them after you're 18. No more. It's about us. Now we can put ourselves before their wishes/rules/expectations- we've had to please them this whole time after everything they've done & us through-They should be the last people we need to please-when you're 18-no more-I'm sick of jumping through their hoops-They can't control us like your dad,mom & step dad do-keep pushing them & test it out…when you’re 18 or have RULES then leave.we don’t have to please them proved them wrong so they look stupid - I LOVE IT… This boy is TOXIC as you said. Her bio dad, myself & my husband talked to her-told her phone GONE & no driving privileges. We talked to boys parents-they said they’d talk to him-the boy text me & said he apologize for the comments that you guys thought were disrespectful. I understand as parents, you guys want what is best for your daughter- I know you guys have never liked me, and i wish that wasn't the case, but i too want the best for her and i treat her right. I completely understand that those college courses are important right now. However it is frustrating to your daughter & I cuz we had worked so hard to get to where we were at &always worried about it all being swept away again by you guys like before. That was the relief we were looking forward to, when she turned 18, not to worry about being separated again. I do not control her. I know that this is probably a shock as a parent seeing your daughter grow up-my daughter thinks she wants to move out with him..she has NO job, no car,no money.but she said she'd get a p/t job-what would you say to them & do??

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