4 year old : 4 Year Old is Ungrateful and Difficult to Discipline


My son is hard to discipline. I try tickets w/ him and it does not work as he loses them all w/in minutes. When I send him to his room for a timeout he physically will not go. I have to carry him. He is supposed to have an hour of quiet time in his room (w/ toys) a day. He will not stay in there for anything. It is not even a punishment- just an hour of downtime. He won't play alone and says he hates his toys. Today we met friends at a park and then went to a restaurant where he got to play and eat a kids meal. On the way out he asked for ice cream and I said no. He told me he had the worst day ever, I was a bad mom b/c he never did anything fun, etc. This happens all the time. Please help!

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