20 month old cries all the time


I have a happy, healthy 20 m/o girl who has been crying excessively in an attempt to get her way. This has been going on for a few months, but has escalated the last 6 -8 wks. When she doesn't get her way (a toy, going outside, leaving a fun play date, brother taking something away or not letting her play with him, wanting pacifier which she only gets at bedtime, etc.) she has a COW and cries hysterically for 5-10 mins or longer (sometimes it leads to a full fledged falling apart incident which usually lands her in her crib for a while). I almost always ignore her and don't give in, but I'm a bit confused due to her being under two (but over 18 mos) and the guidelines you suggest at this age. Do I ignore her totally or do I actively discipline for having these "mini" tantrums, or something in between? The crying is truly driving me insane and I'm left wondering what to do. Your advice has SAVED our relationship with our almost 4 year old! Thanks John. You are truly like a breath of fresh air! I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. God Bless.

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