Taking diaper off at 23 months


My son is 23 months old. We have not started potty training because he has not shown any signs of being ready. He will sit on the toddler potty when my 4 year old daughter goes potty before bathtime, but he has not "used it".
The problem is he has taken to stripping naked in the night and at naptime and playing in his diaper and/or squirting pee all over his crib and floor.
A couple more possible relevant facts. He has not shown any interest in crawling out of his crib. Our family is preparing for an out-of-state move in the next 2-3 months (our house will be on the market and then we will be transitioning to a new city = new everything). Prior to last week when this began, I had thought that I would wait until we were settled in the new house and he showed more independence and maturity. He is not near as developed in speech or maturity as my daughter was at same age. My husband is already in the new city, so I am temporary single Mom. I was hoping to postpone adding any unnecessary stress until after the move, this summer (when less clothing is necessary) and my husband would be available to show him the boy ways (aiming, etc) and be available to help.
Now I'm having 2nd thoughts, should I remove the crib and install potty and mattress on floor in his room - my gut says that if I get lucky and he did use the potty - he will then play in it. I don't want to start all-out on the potty training and end up pushing him into something that he is not ready for, but at the same time, I don't want to think that this is not a sign when maybe it is. He knows what he is doing, that I don't like it, and has been boldly scolded. He thinks it is funny. I find it hard to discipline after-the-fact, and this is a hard-act to catch.
Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated. We practice MANY of Rosemond's teachings and methods!
Thanks in advance for your time.

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