Divided we fall


My husband, God Bless him, is the product of an extremely tolerant and permissive Italian family. They believe in no discipline or schedule, and it is destroying our house and children and more importantly, our marriage! I establish and adhere to schedules and rules clearly posted for all to see and have few problems that I can't work through. When my husband gets home, he undoes everything and contradicts my schedule and rules. He often argues with me in front of our children about why they need to brush their teeth before bed or why I don't want them in front of the TV 24/7. The nights he works late, I am actually relieved because I know we will have a smooth evening. I ask him not to come home until everyone is asleep. We have a 12yo girl (no problems), 3 1/2 yo boy (out of control, violent tantrums... hurts himself and others) and a 9 month old baby girl(no problems) How can I help my husband cut the cord with his parents and get on board with our family. I feel like my son is slipping through my fingers.....please help...
Thank you and God Bless you for your work for children and families.....

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