First organized sports


Dad wanted our 5 yr old in soccer .. and then they asked him to coach. I'm with Rosemond on not rushing these sports .. especially when they are during the DINNER HOUR! HELLO! In any case, dad wanted it. He didn't want to coach but they talked him into it. Our son is on the team and I HAD a feeling he would have some difficulities b/c I teach aerobics to 4-7 yr olds and I do not bring my boy b/c he acts like HE gets special treatment. And usually when he starts this I have him sit out the rest of the time.
In any case, they had their first game and sure enough, our boy had a problem with his tears and holding it together when he wanted to do something and Dad wanted him to do something different. Now HE really is in check at home believe it or not .. and if he does have an issue he goes to bed. AND in preschool he is great .. he listens very well to others actually ... better then he listens to us at times.

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