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I know you are sick of these questions - I have searched the archive and not able to find an answer. Let me tell you the problem and perhaps you can tell me specifically what to search on to find the response.
My daughter 33mo old, potty trained at 30 mos. and did great. Suddenly started to pee her pants, not a full void, just enough to get her panties and pants wet. 3-4x/day. re-started the potty watch, but I woke up one day to realize she never says she has to go, just waiting for me to tell her to go. told her she is a big girl and she can decide when to go, if she pees in her pants, she goes to her room. she understands. she pees. she goes to her room and lays down. no tears, nothing. she doesn't care one bit. we have held firm on this policy but it seems to have no effect on her whatsoever. i'm trying to stay calm and focused, but i'm at a loss. thank you!

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