daycare and potty training


I'll keep the long story short, last Summer when our daughter turned 2, we started potty training her, by Christmas, she was almost there, but was still doing stool refusal, now she is pretty good at going #1, but still having issues with #2, and was getting agressive at daycare when they had her in underwear, so we gave in and let her wear pull-ups, for the most part she is dry except for when she wakes up from nap if she didn't go before nap. The only issue is #2, so we decided this weekend we would take your advice and gate her in. Saturday it worked, it took a while but she went. Sunday we did until we went to church, then put her in a pull-up just in case. When we got home from church she was clean and dry, so we took her pants and underwear off and let her play. After lunch she went #2 on her own! My question is, what can we do for her at daycare? We tried staying home this morning, but her BMs are not regular and we can't take days off of work for this. They are willing to let her wear underwear until she gets agressive again (biting and hitting children). Should we tell her we will take away something valuable if she poops at school or make her stay in her room after school? She turns 3 in June.

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