Birth control for teens?


John, I wrote you about six weeks ago about our out-of-control, ballistic daughter. In another post I shared our heartache over her molesting a couple of children, one her age and the other much younger. Your supportive response was very encouraging; I hope I am not taking advantage to ask for more help. Our daughter is back home from the therapeutic group home, going through the stripped-down-room/loss of privileges that got her sent there. She has had to start her two weeks over several times now, but went almost a week the last time. We are holding fast. Right now, she is doing virtual school. We withdrew her from public high school after learning she had become sexually active last semester on campus. (So much for supervision!) She has very little freedom right now, and has expressed a desire to get right spiritually and abstain from further sexual activity, asking for and receiving a "purity ring". However, we are not naïve in thinking all our troubles are over, and know if she ever gets some of her freedom back, she could slide into old behaviors. After we found out that she had been sexually active, we took her to our doctor to have her tested for STD's and to discuss possible birth control options. Up until we found out about her sexual activity, we had always felt that giving her birth control would be an implied permission. After we found out, we felt that maybe we were being irresponsible to not protect her from possible pregnancy in the case she chooses to become sexually active again. BUT... come to find out that all forms of hormonal birth control involve the risk of killing a fertilized egg even if that is not its primary mechanism. As staunch pro-lifers, this bothers us. What would you recommend?

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