The Rosemond Way


DQ: ear Rosemond, up until our daughter was about age 5 she was pretty much allowed to rule the roost. I was a typical oblivious mother who would be as her father puts it "her defense attorney" and more of the softy and well just your typical everyday new generation mom. Well couple years ago (shes 7 now) we adopted the Rosemond way and we have seen drastic change although its still a work in progress. However the main issue is between my husband and I now because where as there was just a flip of a switch in his head and he was reprogrammed it hasnt been that way for me. Even though Im nothing like the mother I was before sometimes I can still be leaning torwards the defense side when I know my husband is right or make mistakes like what the "old me" would have done.I tell him its been a learning experience for me too but he feels its because Im truly not on board with the rosemond way. What do you think? When you adopt the rosemond way do you just wake up one morning and say "ok im a new made over mother now!"?

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