Powerless with Mommy


I have never put my daughter (30 months) to sleep for the night by tucking her in at bed time. Mommy always does it because according to mommy this is what she is used too. Tonight, I went in and covered her up after mommy left the room and she didn't want this blanket etc... I was in the room for about 3 minutes. When I came out mommy told me that she did not understand what took so long, that she plays me like a fiddle (I have told mommy the same thing), and mommy was upset with me. Anyways, when you and your wife were raising your kids, did either of you speak this way to one another? Mommy always uses what I have said (ideas from your books, CD) or my past actions against me causing me to feel like I have no power raising our child. Please, Please answer how you would have responded to your wife in a similar circumstance. I know we need to read "parenting by the book" together, but at this point she says who cares what John Rosemond thinks about raising kids. Thanks - No Common Sense Dad.

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