Your article about kids hitting parents


I have a difficult 13 year old who is becoming more and more difficult as the months pass. Your article brought to light recent events of my week:
4 days ago, my daughter "accidentally" smacked me in the head HARD with a poster from behind in a store. Claimed it was an accident.
2 days ago, she slammed my hand in the closing latch of a moving truck while moving some items to storage. Hurt like crazy and bled quite a lot, given that it was the back door on a 14 foot U-haul truck. Again, she claims it was an "accident". It's still bruised.
A few moments ago, she slammed my hand in a doorway. It hurt so badly I have tears in my eyes. She once again claims it was an "accident", and how dare I object to her "being human and making mistakes".
I feel like an abused spouse. This is a new development. One event - sure - accident. But this is getting harder to write off. Meanwhile, she continues on making it look like I am being a drama Queen.
Your thoughts? I really don't know how much more of this I can take.

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